Meet our governors

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Reverend Anthony Lees- Smith  - AL-S  Chair of Governors  - Parent Governor
Mr Peter Flack                                  - PF  LA Governor
Ms Mariam Ebrahim                       - ME  Vice Chair - Parent Governor
Mr Wasyl Cajkler                             - WC Co-opted Governor
Mr Sunil Patel                                  - SP Vice Chair - Co-opted Governor
Ms Kalvinder Kaur                         - KK Staff Governor
Mrs Salma Limbada                      - SL Co-opted Governor
Mr Jamal Abdulla                         - JA Co-opted Governor
Mr Zaheer Mohamed                    - ZM  Headteacher


Sub- committee structure & membership


Behaviour, Safety & Safeguarding                                AL-S, KK, WC, SP, SL, JA & ZM


Curriculum, Learning & Teaching                                   AL-S, ME, KK, WC, SP, SL & ZM


Finance                                                                                    PF, ME & ZM


Staffing, Human Resources                                              PF, ME & ZM

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