Our School Council


Following a recent parliamentary study experience, we have renamed our 24 School Councillors as Linden Leaders with a remit to lead and organise 4 sub-committees that report back to the whole SC and governing body.

Membership of each subcommittee involves 6 of the Linden Leaders and 6 more pupils who volunteered for the committee through an application process. The LL’s for each group are assisted by their Teacher supporter to select the best candidates to help run that committee. At the first subcommittee meeting, the members will discuss what they want to achieve and/ or explore and decide on next steps. All groups will be required or consult with the whole school in various ways through presenting what they are doing as part of sharing assembles and in our newsletter, to surveying children’s views, to asking them to vote on plans. Subcommittees will be able to bid to the GB & PTFA for money to implement plans where appropriate.

The sub-committees will be:

  1. Eco group working towards an Eco schools award- supported by GG
  2. Playgrounds & clubs- supported by NP
  3. School & community- Supported by ZM
  4. Teaching & learning- supported by RL