Each week homework will be given out on Thursday to be handed in the following Tuesday.

If homework is handed in late, it will not be marked.

The work is usually based on what the children have learnt during the week to help them to practise and consolidate certain skills, rather than to challenge them. We have explained to the children to just try their best, but if they find the task difficult we will go through the work with them in class on the Friday or the following Monday.


To be a learning superstar, your child must meet the expectations below for every piece of homework.



* ½ hour Topic/Literacy

* ½ hour Maths and weekly practise of timestables

* AT LEAST 10 minutes reading every day

* Write a sentence for every spelling

* Capital letters and fullstops must be used accurately in all writing

* Children must use neat, clear joined-up handwriting where possible

* Dates and titles must be underlined with a ruler

* Only use pencils for writing


If your child has worked for ½ hour on one of the tasks but not finished, they do not need to continue. Could you please sign underneath their work to show us that this is the case, rather than they have forgotten to complete the work.