School Vision

Our school vision is what we want the school to achieve for its pupils and the local community.

School vision

At Linden we aim to inspire pupils to have a love of learning which will enable them to achieve their full potential. We also aspire to develop our pupils into young adults who will make a positive contribution to their local community and society. Throughout their time at Linden, we aim to create an environment where pupils feel safe, happy, valued and included.


As a school, we aim to achieve our vision stated above through the implementation of four core school values which will be developed through our curriculum.

School Values

Linden Primary school has four core values:


  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Growth


We believe that by embracing these values our pupils will leave Linden Primary School fully prepared for their future education, careers and life. These values will help our pupils develop into members of society who will actively seek to make a positive contribution to society through their compassion for others and desire to challenge themselves to achieve their full potential.


The school's values will be taught to pupils through our curriculum including: stand alone lessons focused on the values, links made to our school values throughout lessons in the curriculum, assemblies, trips, rewards and by school staff modelling the values to the pupils.



Our compassion reflects how we should treat each other, being inclusive and having empathy for others to create a respectful, cohesive and caring school.


Our respect for each other reflects having an understanding for other people's views and the good manners that pupils should show. By being respectful we will create a school where pupils are polite and grow into individuals who will understand and show consideration for others.


Our integrity reflects our ability to be honest, fair and make the right choices. By showing integrity our pupils will develop into individuals who are trustworthy and capable of making good decisions.


Our desire for personal growth reflects a belief that all pupils can achieve their full potential through hard work and effort. The skills that make up a growth mindset will be valuable for pupils during their education and also prepare them for life after school.

School Rules

To help our pupils achieve our vision for them we have updated and simplified our school rules. The aim of this is to support our pupils in acting in a manner of which is reflective of our school values and help the school achieve its vision.


School rules:


  • Show respect and good manners at all times
  • Follow instructions with thought and care
  • Care for everyone and everything


If you would like to know more about our school behaviour management strategies please read our school behaviour policy.