Extra-curricular Clubs



At Linden we provide children with a healthy breakfast to ensure they have a good start to the day. Children will select from: porridge oats, variety of other cereals, different breads and milk and juice. We operate this through a breakfast club each morning in the lower dining hall from 7.30 am. Children can arrive though the side entrance up until 8.20 and via the main office thereafter. The breakfast club is organised by Mrs Rehana E Tutla and Salma I Patel.

The cost for attending is £1.80 per session. Please contact the school office to arrange this facility.


Madrassah-e-Khadija operates on our premises offering schooling from 3.30pm-5.00pm for pupils aged 4-11. Children have a short break before lessons begin.  For further information please contact Madrassah via email at madrassahekhadija@hotmail.co.uk or contact Maryam Apa 07564117683.